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      Incorporating Bossa Nova and Rumba Flamenca with traditional Chilean music, Vivi brings passion to the stage.  In either solo, duo or trio settings, her performances are captivating; singing and playing acoustic guitar, she draws in the audience to experience the essence of the music.  Of her repertoire which includes songs by A.C. Jobim, Gypsy Kings and Latin standards such as "Besame Mucho" and "Quizas Quizas", Vivi says, "I Iove the passion and romance." She embraces the harmonic structures "jazzy chords" and "smooth" Bossa Nova tempo while singing beautifully. For a change of pace the Gypsy Kings tunes and Chilean songs like "Gracias a la Vida", have a driving pulse where Vivi's talent and passion for music shines.  A San Francisco Bay Area resident, originally from Santiago Chile Vivi brings the Latin Standards along with Chilean Folk music such as "Los Momentos" by Eduardo Gatti in which Vivi coneys the Dylan-like lyrics and Spanish melody with authenticity.  She has been performing at many Bay Area venues including Chilean community events in solo, duo, trio settings or occasionally with a full band.  For booking information contact VVBOSSA@GMAIL.COM

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